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Whew, it's been a while since I posted anything here.

For Connichi last fall I made a costume for the allmighty Glowcloud from WTNV.

WtNV: All hail the Glow Cloud by cayra on DeviantArt

WtNV: Glow in the dark by cayra on DeviantArt

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LBM is one of my favourite convention, since it's in my home town. Luckily, it's not very far from Halle.
This year I hung out a lot with my fellow student and friend Elli, who I met at last year's LBM.

Have some fake cuts to my tumblr!



Saturday and Sunday

I had a lot of fun and re-wore older costumes I like a lot.
I will continue doing so this year. No new costumes for me while I write my master graduation paper.

My next new costume will be Chiaro from Cantarella (with Elli as Chesare) for LBM 2013.

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Back from Berlin. The con was fun, even though there were quite a handful of things I really hated.

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Today everything aches, even though I didn't really exert myself. Maybe dragging the hugeass heavy trunk around strained more than just my hands? Shoulders, legs, back, arms...everything is sore XD
So that was my last real con for the year, just the inofficial KKM Xmas meet left. Not sure I'm gonna miss the stress, but I'll miss some people...
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Despite some minor health issues, the con was much more enjoyable than last year (Murphy loved me >.<), and I had a lot of fun.

On Friday morning, Vlad and I set off towards Kassel (after a false start when I noticed I forgot my con ticket XD) and we arrived in record time. Leipzig-Kassel in 2.5 hours? We estimated more like 3.5! Our old Daimler-Benz bus come camping mobile did well~

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Only a few days left until my favourite con, and as usual, I'm cursing my costumes by now.

Some WIP pictures:

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Those are for our Seven Deadly Sins group, I'm the male Vanity.
More pictures maybe tomorrow.


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