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Back from Berlin. The con was fun, even though there were quite a handful of things I really hated.

Like the fact I didn't really sleep for two nights since Gweni snores and her cat is a hooligan at night...or the fact I had to bring my super heavy laptop and then was told we wouldn't need it after all.
Or the fact we were super late to the con and the CONTEST on Friday because of **ing Risu.

Aaaanyway, there were some nie experiences, too. Like the cosplay organisator who let us go on stage even though we were several hours late and only arrived minutes before the cosplay contest (even though we didn't get to compete, just to do our skit so at least the preparation wouldn't be completely in vain...slowly I'm starting to believe cosplay competitions are cursed for me. Either I enter and win [small cons], or I don't get to compete because something goes terribly wrong [bigger cons]). So Gwen and I went on stage as Labrador and Mikage from 07Ghost, with the ultimate chibi monster translation device Castor had built XDD.

Saturday I wore my new favourite costume of the year (yes, it beats the cosjama and draws even with Vanity), for the Natsume Yuujinchou cosplay meetup: Madara in kami version. The meetup didn't happen, except me not one of the 20 people registered showed up in a NY cos, not even the organisator (bad planning on Michiakis part, I guess. Most of them thought it'd been canceled), but I still got some damn awesome photos taken by Imagination, one of my favourite photographer friends.

Until he uploads (still need to pester him about the Vanity pics, too XD), have some Shroud took with my measly digicam:






On Sunday I had planned a Saiyuki costume and, together with my BF, built the most awesome demon mask for Goku EVER. Too bad I don't have any pictures of myself in the cos, my wig finally died when I tried to style it. I really need a new one. Mitsuuu, where did you get your pretty goku wig??????? So I just wore the costume and the mask without the wig.

I didn't have a group for Saiyuki, but OH WONDER, once again I managed to meet a stray Sanzo at the con, a friend of Michiaki. A really cool, grumpy Sanzo <3. Got him to pose with my mask <3<3<3<3.


After that, I helped Aki packing her stand and then started by long long trip back home...

Today everything aches, even though I didn't really exert myself. Maybe dragging the hugeass heavy trunk around strained more than just my hands? Shoulders, legs, back, arms...everything is sore XD
So that was my last real con for the year, just the inofficial KKM Xmas meet left. Not sure I'm gonna miss the stress, but I'll miss some people...


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